Duluth Public Library hosts escape room for teens

Northland teens worked together to solve the puzzle and escape the library

DULUTH, Minn. – Some teenagers simulated what might happen if they were locked inside the library.  The Mount Royal branch of the Duluth Public Library hosted a library-themed escape room puzzle on Friday. Teens worked together to find clues, and figure out how to escape the library in under 25 minutes.

“There’s a whole ton of teamwork that happens here,” library technician Emily Ryme said. “The teams that have done best have been talking with each other, telling each other what clues they’ve found, what props they’ve found. If you’re not talking, it’s kinda hard to know what’s going on. It’s a good way for people to get to meet each other and have silly fun.”

The library hopes to host more of these escape puzzles in the future.

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