It’s The Second Coldest New Year’s Eve In Record History For Duluth

We're Feeling The Coldest New Year's Eve In 49 Years!


Our high temperature was only -9° in Duluth today! We have now tied for the SECOND COLDEST NEW YEAR’S EVE IN HISTORY!

Duluth International:

#1 Coldest High Temperature    -16°    1967

#2 Coldest High Temperature    -9°     2017, 1968

#3 Coldest High Temperature     -8°    2013

International Falls:

#1 Coldest High Temperature     -22°   1967

#2 Coldest High Temperature     -16°   2013, 1973

#3 Coldest High Temperature     -12°   1908

International Falls tied for 6th coldest, at -11° for a high temperature.


As we head through the rest of New Year’s Eve, temperatures will be falling into the teens below zero and nearing -20° on the Iron Range and Borderlands. Winds will be breezy out of the northwest at 10-25mph. This has prompted Wind Chill Warnings for northern Minnesota and Wind Chill Advisories for northwest Wisconsin though New Year’s morning. It will be feeling more like -25° to -45° below zero. This is very dangerous as frost bite can occur within 10-20min. Please cover all exposed skin and bundle up as you head out tonight to ring in the New Year. Don’t choose to leave the jackets behind in the car tonight because you are absolutely going to need them immediately on your way home.

Some cold weather tips to remember this weekend… Dress in about 3 layers, cover all exposed skin and be sure to wear a hat and gloves! Limit your time outside as frost bite can occur within 10 minutes in these conditions. Also be sure to check on your neighbors and friends, make sure everyone is safe and warm. Be sure to bring your pets inside as they are greatly affected by the cold temperatures too, regardless of their fur coat. Look out for signs of frost bite as well as hypothermia. If you feel confused, shivering or having difficulty speaking, you are feeling the warning signs of hypothermia and this can kill you. As you heat your house, be sure to plus space heaters directly into the outlet, not any extension cords. Keep everything 3 feet away from them as well. Do not heat your house with the oven or stove. All of these have been causing house fires across the region recently. Most of all, be prepared! Make sure to have a blanket and emergency kit in your car. Make sure that your house has enough food and water if power were to fail. If you have a generator, make sure it is working now. NEVER run the generator in an enclosed space like a garage. Be safe and stay warm everyone! Please make sure your friends and family make it home safely and INSIDE on New Years Eve. This dangerous cold can cause hypothermia that can kill you, if left unattended outside for long periods of time. Spread the word and help keep fellow Northlanders safe this weekend! Happy 2018 everyone!

Tomorrow we start the year of 2018 off with abundant and beautiful sunshine, with high temperatures reaching near 2°. Just a few light passing clouds will linger along the south shore. Warmer temperatures are on the way!

-Meteorologist BRITTNEY MERLOT

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