Knowing Your Neighbors: 9 Round

DULUTH, Minn. – Kicking, punching, jump rope, getting your heartbeat going – 9 Round is a gym in Duluth with a true fighting spirit.

“We don’t have formal class times like a lot of kickboxing places would,” explains Geoff Rich, part of the husband-and-wife duo that runs the gym.

Geoff’s wife Johanna says that 9 round works in what they call a “circuit system.”

Nine stations each have unique activities that a timer will move you through.

“The convenience factor is probably the biggest key to this,” Geoff says.  “The second biggest thing that we hear from our members is that we always have trainers here.”

The trainers help people stay on track with their goals, to stick to a workout plan.

“The workout changes every day,” Johanna says.  “So you never get bored.  It’s always something different.”

“The members tell us the toughest part is just getting here and walking in the door,” Geoff adds.  “After that, we kind of handle everything.”

The trainers here at 9 Round say that kickboxing is especially appealing since it’s a full body workout.

“So you’re punching, you’re kicking, you have core activities,” Johanna says.  “You’re engaging all your muscles.”

Geoff and Johanna moved to Duluth last summer.

They were members of a 9 Round gym in the Twin Cities and they saw the demand for it here in Duluth.

“After you get done – it’s a pretty high intensity, high cardio type of workout – so after you’re done you feel pretty good,” Johanna said.

A quick 30 minute workout – with no set class times – 9 Round is the perfect opportunity to get fit on your own time.

The gym is located in the Kenwood Shopping Center in Duluth, on the corner of Kenwood and Arrowhead; they’re open Monday through Saturday and your first workout is free!

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