Great Outdoors: Mont du Lac Winter Season

SUPERIOR, Wis. -Mont du Lac resort in Superior is among many places staying open despite these cold temperatures.

Weather in the teens and 20s is ideal for winter sports, but the big chill is not keeping everyone inside.

If you’re bold enough to go out for winter activities.

Mont du Lac Resort is keeping everything running just for you even on subzero days.

Mont du Lac Resort workers are staying busy grooming the hill and making a new ski-able base for a smoother snow surface.

“We’ve got great conditions for making snow, for using the snow, whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, want to go tubing or snowshoeing,” said Mont du Lac General Manager Mike O’Hara. “There’s a lot of great winter activities in the Northland all the time.

These cold weather conditions are decent for snow seekers.

“Snowmobilers got to be getting excited. they get a chance to get out and ride,” said O’hara. “They’ve been waiting just like all the ski resorts have for quite a while to get a winter back.”

Many people like to ski at Mont du Lac. Advanced skiers and racers are out weekly,┬ábut there’s also snowboarding and tubing.

“Families are coming out, and tubing is one of those activities anybody can do,” said O’hara. “You just get a ride up the hill and then take a tube and usually there’s a lot of laughter and a lot of fun.”

Mont du Lac has several safety guidelines in place for guests to have the best experience and remain safe when temperatures are extreme.

For example, chair lift safety and confirmation that all of the equipment is working to avoid breakdowns.

“Our tubing facilities, those are all ground based transport, so I mean you hold the tow rope, take the tube up it’s very easy to come back in when you need to warm up” said O’hara. “Keep your sessions a little shorter.

In order to enjoy those winter activities, you want to make sure you’re bundled up and wearing the proper gear.

“Well, the biggest thing for anybody going outside is just to protect your skin from contact with the cold and wind,” said O’hara.

Once you’re all done then you can head inside to the lodge and warm up with hot chocolate or hot food.

Mont du Lac staff members tells us kids as young as four years old were out on the slopes over their holiday break.

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