Personal Trainers Could be the Key to Unlocking New Fitness Goals

DULUTH, Minn. —

If you’re one of millions making New Year’s resolutions to get into shape or make new fitness goals, maybe a personal trainer could help you.

Today is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, and there are many professionals across the Twin Ports just a phone call away.

At Anytime Fitness in Duluth, they are still accepting new clients every day.

Trainers at Anytime say that having a personal motivator can remove some of the fears people have about starting a new fitness routine.

“It’s the motivation, getting in to the gym every single day,” said Anytime personal trainer Daniel Robert Howe.  “Also having someone guide and change things up for you when you’re getting bored with the exercises.”

Staff members at Anytime say the best way to get signed up is to come talk to someone in their office in person.