Level III Predatory Offender Relocating to Canyon

CANYON, Minn. – The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office is notifying the public of a Level III Predatory Offender relocating to the Canyon, Minnesota area.

James Harvey Jennings, 32, has relocated to the rural Canyon area. Jennings has a history of sexual contact with adult females, which included sexual touching and has used a weapon in an attempt to gain compliance. He was known and unknown to his victims.

Jennings is described as 6′, 197 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair.

The public is reminded that Jennings has served his time and is not wanted by police, this notification is to inform the public, not to instill fear in the community.

An informational public meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 10, at 6 p.m. at the Grand Lake Town Hall.