Cancer Screening Could Benefit Your Health

St. Luke's Radiation Oncologist Dr. Nils Arvold Says While Cancer Screening Can Be Beneficial, it Can Also Be Controversial

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s a procedure many of us may never think about until it’s too late.

Cancer screening can be beneficial to your health, but local medical experts also say it’s a topic some doctors aren’t comfortable with quite yet.

Doctors at St. Luke’s tell FOX 21, some cancers can be recognized at an earlier stage by getting screened when the disease is smaller and potentially less aggressive.

This is when the cancer is often easier to treat.

Five cancers which doctors commonly screen for include colon, lung, prostate, breast and cervical cancers.

They say there are potential harms to having some types of cancer screening done like false test results, or results that are mistakenly from an other non-cancer related condition.

“Picking cancer up at an early stage or just detecting it regardless may lead to unnecessary treatment that patients wouldn’t have otherwise needed,” said Dr. Nils Arvold, Radiation Oncologist at St. Luke’s. “Patients who’ve had screening tend to come in, not universally true, but tend to come in with generally earlier stage disease, earlier stage cancers compared to those who come in who have not had any screening.”

If you’re interested and believe you’re at risk for cancer, talk with your family physician to discuss setting up a screening.

Most of the procedures are covered by medical insurers.

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