New Tours, Events, Launch Glensheen Mansion to Record-Breaking Numbers

Northland Uncovered: More than 140,000 Visited Glensheen in 2017

DULUTH, Minn. – Officials are counting record numbers at Glensheen Mansion as they look into the attendance for 2017.

This is a trend that’s been on the rise over the last few years.

“Which is really something to say because in 1981 the murder was on the press all the time,” explained Director Dan Hartman.

Hartman tells FOX 21 this is exciting to employees because it’s not taking sensational headlines to get 141,000 people through the mansion doors.

“We’ve opened 15 new rooms, we have I think now 12 new tours that are available,” said Hartman.

More changes are coming for 2018.

Two new Wednesday night activities are starting up, including maple syrup nights in April and Wine Wednesdays in August.

“Right now we’re on track to be one of the most popular historic sites in total of Minnesota,” said Hartman.

Being an historic site, upkeep and renovations are sometimes necessary.

This Spring, the servant’s porch is being rebuilt.

“We’re going to try to follow as many of the state historic preservation standards as we possibly can so that when you come back you won’t be able to tell the difference besides that it’s stable,” said Hartman.

This record number of guests to the mansion help make projects like this happen.

“A lot of people have thought for many, many years that you see the mansion once, you take the tour once, at that’s it and you don’t need to see it again,” said Marketing Manager Jane Pederson.

Now, there’s definitely an argument to come back.

“It’s been a blast to brainstorm different ways in which we think folks might really enjoy Glensheen in a different way,” said Pederson.

So much, the group is even helping other museums step up their game.

“We actually go around the country telling other museums how they can do better,” said Hartman.

This success is giving Glensheen some well-deserved recognition.

“I just love that Glensheen is finally getting its place in that kind of icon of Minnesota history,” said Hartman.

Glensheen staff is currently taking down Christmas decorations. The mansion will open back up for tours on Saturday, January 12.

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