Kitty Cats and Yoga Mats at HSDC

"Cat Yoga" Has Arrived at the Humane Society of Douglas County; January Classes are Already Sold Out

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Starting Wednesday, January 10 at 6:00p.m., the Twin Ports will now be home to a growing trend already popular across much of the nation.

Cat yoga is skyrocketing in popularity, proving to offer benefits such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

“Much spontaneous laughter does happen because it’s just so unpredictable,” said Beth Swanson, Fundraising and Events Coordinator at the Humane Society of Douglas County.

As the clock ticks, cats will soon roam freely. A community space at the Humane Society of Douglas County will now serve perfectly for precision.

“People are absolutely eating it up,” said Swanson. “You just don’t know what the cats are going to do; you don’t know how they’re going to interact.”

Cat yoga is the simple practice of combining yoga, with cats. Mind, body and spirit will set the platform for the kitty cats and yoga mats.

“We have this wonderful population of cats here, we love doing yoga in Superior, why not combine the two,” said Swanson.

Staff at the shelter is excited to be catching on to the trend already popular in many parts of the country.

“In California they’re doing goat yoga, dog yoga, cat yoga,” said Swanson.

Experts say combining yoga and animals helps shed positive light on both physical and mental health.

“Adding that animal element just really makes it extra fun, extra healthy,” said Swanson.

Swanson says it’s time well spent, and organizers are hoping each class will pay off for everyone involved.

“We’re hoping that it’ll help increase some of the adoptions of the cats that are available,” said Swanson.

The two classes in January are sold out.

If you’re interested in signing up for cat yoga, staff at the Humane Society of Douglas County say you should contact instructor Holly Bounting at (218) 591-2088.

The next classes will take place on February 14, 21 and 28.

It’s $15 dollars to participate, with $5 dollars going back to the shelter.

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