Staying Safe and Active in the Cold

How to keep your furry friend and you warm in the winter.

DULUTH, Minn.- These cold temperatures are just another Minnesota winter, which can’t stop you from mountain biking and cross country skiing.

Eve Graves is a specialist about the cold and gave us the low down of what to do in low temperatures.

Eve’s first tip is to use a device called Lung Plus, it’s a winter breathing solution. You place it in your mouth and it makes you feel, as if you’re breathing in the warm summer air. It comes in various sizes and is appropriate for everyone.

“It helps people that have an allergy to the cold, it warms them up when they’re outside,” cold weather specialist Eve Graves said. “If you have nothing wrong, you just like to stay warm; like my husband, who is out there shoveling with his,  it’s just nice.”

To protect areas of your skin Eve also recommended Warm Skin, a lotion that is used even by players in the NFL to prevent frostbite. Warm Skin needs to be applied 15 minutes before heading outside. If you plan on adventuring with your four legged friend they also need protection from the chilly temps. All types of dogs are different, experts say short haired pups should wear a jacket. Before purchasing a coat its important to have their correct measurements.

“I would recommend either bringing your doggy in for a fitting and we can take care of all of that for you,” A Place for Fido co owner Jamie Parent. “Or girth measurement, back length, and paw measurement are really key.”

You don’t need to call ahead A Place for Fido located in Fitgers will let you walk in anytime with your pup to help you fit the perfect size.


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