Hundreds March in MLK Tribute

The march shows there is no room for hate in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- People around the nation are honoring Martin Luther King Jr. The Duluth NAACP Chapter is continuing the Birth of a New Nation, the theme for a series of events honoring MLK in the Twin Ports. 

Its become a Northland tradition for people of all ages and races to march through down town Duluth in unity on MLK day.

“We’re all bound together, we can’t leave anyone out because as Martin Luther King said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” on–goer Jane Whitledge said.

The strong sense of community and unity shined on Superior Street Monday morning.

“A huge variety of peoples here today, primarily because this is what matters, people are people,” march coordinator Sandra Gbeintor said. “I think it’s very important that we are sharing that commonality.”

Marching in the MLK Tribute is a tradition for many families.

“My husband and I walked two miles to be here and we’re bundled up for it,” Whitledge said. “First we came in the front door and thought no one was here, we were kind of disheartened. Then we walked through the school and found the crowd here.”

Many smiling faces packed the Washington Center as Duluth NAACP Chapter President Stephan Witherspoon spoke uplifting words to the crowd. Those here ranged from kids to the elderly, ready to walk, and wave homemade signs of peace. During their journey to the DECC we found one woman who has been marching with her husband on MLK day for 15 years. She believes Martin Luther King Jr.’s message has an even greater importance this year.

“Because of the current political situation, where we’re seeing so much outright racism,” Whitledge said. “A president who denies that he’s a racist while he makes very incendiary comments.”

The walk ended with more presenters speaking out unapologetically.

“Being individuals but also being a part of a larger society and needing justice for everyone,” Gbeintor said.

A big goal is to connect in a way we all can hear. By asking the crowd not to be afraid of using their voice and to be happy being themselves always.

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