Tax Pros: File Sooner Than Later

Tax Pros at H&R Block on Grand Avenue in Duluth Have Already Helped Dozens of Taxpayers this Year

DULUTH, Minn. – This year the IRS will start accepting tax returns on January 29.

According to the IRS, nearly 155 million individual returns are expected to be filed this year.

Business is already booming at H&R Block on Grand Avenue in West Duluth.

Tax professionals say they’ve already had a few dozen customers walk through the door.

This year the nation’s tax deadline will be Tuesday, April 17, giving taxpayers two additional days to file beyond the traditional April 15 date.

Staff members say it’s better to come in sooner than later when filing.

They say it could help you easily prevent tax fraud.

“The sooner the IRS gets your information, the more assured it’s going to be the correct information. So somebody can’t grab your information and do something not so nice with it,” said Tax Pro John Ludwig.

Ludwig says many people do procrastinate, coming in closer to the deadline.

With the passing of the new tax bill last month under the Trump Administration, experts say taxpayers won’t see any big changes until filing next year.

Ludwig says this year, those filing with children won’t see their tax return until the beginning of March.

H&R Block does have a product called Refund Advance, which acts as a loan from H&R Block. Customers taking part in the product would receive their refund right away, with the money from the IRS then going back to H&R Block.

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