Fly Tying Classes at Great Lakes Fly Shop

Learn how to tie your own flies for spring

DULUTH, Minn. – Being that it’s winter, the only kind of fishing there is to do is through a hole in the ice.  But that’s not stopping some fishing enthusiasts from thinking about spring time.

Great Lakes Fly Shop in Duluth offers fly tying classes furring the winter months, helping fly fishing fans learn the craft of tying their own flies, while they wait for the streams to open up.

“We go over tools, how to use them properly, right size hooks. Materials, if you look around, you can see there’s tons and tons of materials to use,” fly shop owner John Fehnel said. “We kind of get rid of the mysteriousness about fly tying.”

The classes are held on the Wednesday nights, through February.

Here’s a link to Great Lakes Fly Shop.

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