Government Shutdown Could Happen This Week If Agreement Isn’t Reached

The Republicans control both the House and Senate.

DULUTH, Minn. – Congress has a lot of work to do with the possibility of a government shutdown hanging in the balance.

The last time there was a government shutdown like that the year was 2013.

History may repeat itself if an agreement isn’t reached by Friday.

A government shutdown can delay services or anything that people receive from the federal government.

The federal budget is the topic at hand. It’s scheduled to be voted on this Friday.

If the spending bill doesn’t go into effect then government services won’t have funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

If a shutdown is the outcome a lot of people won’t be going to work.

“Basically anything that’s non–essential will no longer be available. any contact of federal agencies will not be available. if people have veteran services or if they have checks coming for their pension or that sort of thing,” said UWS Associate Professor Alisa Von Hagel. “If they’re federal they won’t be having those come through.”

On a smaller scale federal parks would also be closed.

Another key point of this government shutdown has to do with immigration issues.

That’s because congressional democrats are in support of the dreamer’s act and are threatening to block a funding bill if dreamers are not protected from being deported.

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