Growing Season Sprouts at Engwall’s

Spring Officially Begins on March 20, but the Staff at Engwall's are Already Ordering, Planting and Watering

DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland is still a little over two months away from the official start of spring, but when temperatures plummet as low as they have been, it’s hard not to think of warmer weather.

Spring in the northern hemisphere begins on Tuesday, March 20, and one business in the Northland is already growing more and more excited.

Growers at Engwall’s Florist and Gifts say they’re getting calls left and right from people looking to stop by the greenhouse in the winter.

They say visitors and calls are always welcomed and encouraged.

“We have to get our geraniums started early and the fuchsias will be coming next week,” said Head Grower Colleen Padora.

Right now the frigid cold outside can be frightful but staff inside the greenhouse are feeling delighted as work begins for another growing season.

Padora says she doesn’t mind heading into the office come January when it’s bitter outside.

“It’s gorgeous in the greenhouse! It’s sunny no matter what and it’s warm so it’s great to come to work,” said Padora.

As plants transition from poinsettias to geraniums and fuchsias, each one of the new sprouts will need to be transplanted within the next six weeks.

Then it’s time to let Mother Nature take over.

“Once everything is planted it’s water, water, water. All day we will be watering,” said Padora.

She says there will be plenty of helping hands when the time comes for watering.

Right now they have five part-time staff members working in the greenhouse.

Padora says come May, she and her staff could be working up to seven days a week, but loving every minute of it.

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