Duluth Public Schools Taking Precautions Against the Flu

Immunizations are important throughout a child's time at school from kindergarten, middle school and in high school.

DULUTH, Minn. – The recent flu outbreak has many Northland schools taking extra precautions.

Several schools are seeing an increase in flu–like illnesses.

But health officials at Lincoln Park Middle School in Duluth tell us there hasn’t been anything too much out of the ordinary for them when it comes to the flu.

The school reports to the State of Minnesota if more than five percent of the school’s population is out with flu–like illnesses, but that hasn’t happened yet this flu season.

“Staying home if you’re sick, coughing into your elbow, come to the nurse if you’re not feeling well and call a parent. we are asking parents to let school’s know when they call their student in sick, let us know if they have an influenza like illness symptoms, which would be the fever greater than 100, along with a sore throat or cough,” said Duluth Public School Licensed School Nurse Camille Murphy.

Experts remind parents the importance of immunizations while their child is in school.

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