Hospitals Dealing with National IV Solution Shortage

Officials with Essentia Health say the shortage isn't affecting patient care.

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s a national shortage of IV solution;¬†aftermath of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, which happens to be home to 80 drug manufactures, who supplied it the solution to the U.S.

Officials with Essentia Health in Duluth say there’s no need to worry the shortage isn’t affecting patient care. IV bags are given to patients that are dehydrated. The product is also used to administer certain medications through patients veins.

Officials at Essentia say they do have back up plans set in place for the shortage.

“We’ve stocked up on sterile water as well as concentrated sodium chloride, and that allows us to make IV saline solution if necessary,” Pharmacy Operations senior manager Jim Tomsche said.

To conserve saline the hospital is administering certain medications through a shot, rather than a drip IV. Hospitals around the area also help each another out when shortages occur.

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