Duluth City Hall May Undergo Million Dollar Renovation

Years ago the Police Department had offices on the ground level at City Hall.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth’s City Hall may be getting a nearly $2 million makeover.

The Duluth City Council will take up a resolution for City Hall interior renovations on Monday, Jan. 22.

Most of the renovations are focused on keeping the building functional.

It consists of working on the electrical system, infrastructure of the building and reworking some of the office spaces.

“Part of the renovation is to make sure that the city offices that the public deals with most directly, for example, if you come in for a permit if you’re doing a project on your home, if you’re a business looking for a permit, to make sure that those spaces and those offices are in areas that are easy to find and as accessible to the public as possible,” said Duluth City Councilor Joel Sipress.

Each year the city has a certain capital budget that is set aside for the purpose of maintaining city buildings.

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