Emergency Responder Training in the Cold

Duluth Hosts the State's Largest EMS Expo

DULUTH, Minn.-  EMS workers in Minnesota face many tough situations and harsh weather conditions on the job.

To provide the best care workers are taking part in the state’s largest EMS Expo in Duluth.  Around 1,000 EMS workers from Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota come take part in Arrowhead’s EMS Expo. The training courses offered help workers learn more about advancing technology as well as original training methods.

When things break from the cold, you have to know what to do with your hands, you know manually,” Arrowhead EMS Association President Susan Bengston said. “Go back to the old school ways.”

Officials say with the cold winter weather emergency responders, can’t always count on machinery to work in the tough conditions.

“You first of all have to try to stay warm but you also have to do your job and that’s always outside for the most part,” Bengston said.

A wide variety of demonstrations and classes are offered to cover many facets of the job.  Along with demonstrations the expo gives workers a chance to network.

“Talking with people from other services because a lot of times you can bounce off; what cases you have been on, what worked, and what didn’t work,” Lake County EMS Nick Hoffman said.

Officails say Duluth is home to the Expo because the DECC is the only place that can hold this many people. If you are a member of the public and wish to take safety courses, places including Lake County Ems have up coming openings.

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