Birkebeiner Organizers Say 2018 Conditions Are Near Perfect

Last Year's Cross Country Ski Race Was Cancelled Because of Lack of Snow

HAYWARD, Wis. – Cross country skiers are excited to hear about snow in the forecast.

Organizers of the American Birkebeiner tell us the trails are in really good shape and that the conditions are nearly perfect for the February ski race.

“Snow on the ground is really an economic driver in the north woods and it helps with restaurants, it helps with accommodations, so this is kind of I like to call it white gold on the ground and when we have it, it’s really good for everybody,” said Ben Popp, Executive Director of the American Birkebeiner.

Birkie officials are piling snow on strategic areas of the trail to ensure they don’t have to cancel the race like they did last year.

Skiers love the snowfall totals this year because it’s given them great opportunities for practice runs.

“I appreciate any time there’s snow,” said skier Dan Johnston. “That’s one thing, you definitely, when you don’t have it, you notice it when you do have it, so it’s great to see it again.”

In 2015, the Birkie premiered their International Bridge for skiers to pass over Highway 63. Now that bridge will be used for skiers at the Super Bowl Village in Minneapolis.

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