Gov. Walker Delivers State of the State Address

Gov. Scott Walker touts 2017 as an "amazing'' and "historic'' year.


MADISON, Wis. – Governor Scott Walker laid out his priorities for the coming year at his eighth state of the state address Wednesday.  He also looked back on 2017 as “amazing” and “historic.”

Republican legislative leaders are embracing Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to give families a $100 payment for every child living at home under age 18.  Both Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos say they like the proposal that would cost about $122 million a year.

Vos says he’s “very confident” the proposal can pass this year.  If it does, Walker wants the payments to arrive in the fall, just before his re-election bid.  After that they would be offered as a refundable income tax credit.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling says, “Wisconsin residents will not be fooled.”  She says Walker has failed to deliver on his past promises and has misguided priorities.  She and Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Gordon Hintz say Walker has failed to address the state’s crumbling roads and not done enough to grow the middle class.  But Walker is touting projects like the Foxconn Technology Group’s plans to invest $10 billion on a massive manufacturing facility are signs the state’s economy is strong and growing.  However, Democrats have assailed the Foxconn project because it could cost state and local taxpayers $4.5 billion in tax incentives.


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