Plans Underway for New Unique Hotel

Officials say the hotel aims to attract millennials to Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.– New details are being revealed for a new hotel like no other planned for Duluth’s central entrance.

The hotel is called “Tru by Hilton” it’s aimed at giving young professionals, a fun affordable place to stay.  The rooms will cost $100 a night and be smaller than an average hotel room.

City officials say although there are many hotels, none are like Tru. Hilton Worldwide describes Tru as the newest brand gearing to bring in millennials. The layout will be modern and colorful. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s public spaces to meet other travelers, use WiFi, and play games.

“We’ve seen with vacation rentals, that demand open up for that product type, bed and breakfasts, traditional hotels,” Director of Planning and Construction Services Keith Hamre said. “So I think there’s a different accommodation of product we currently don’t have.”

The hotel will be located at the 500 block of East Central Entrance in Duluth.

City officials hope it will be booked full with millennials to enjoy mountain biking and surfing. After experiencing Duluth, it might inspire them to make it home.

“With a lot of the baby boom population getting towards retirement age, there’s going to be a lot of job opportunities in Duluth,” Hamre said. “We’re really gearing a lot of our workforce development strategies towards trying to attract them.”

The hotel will have 106 rooms and be four stories high. The Duluth Planning Commission is set to review the hotel for approval on February 13th.

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