Carrying Trail Mail in the Beargrease Marathon

The trail mail is sent in from people around the world.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.– While on the trail mushers are looking after more than just their sled team, each racer is carrying up to a dozen pieces of trial mail.

Racing with the letters is another way to honor John Beargrease and his route delivering mail. The Two Harbors Postal Service, volunteers helping run the event every year.

Workers say they’re glad delivery methods have since changed.

“On a sled dog no I can’t,” Two Harbors Post Master Jim Anderson said. “It’s hard enough dealing with what we have to now with the good stuff we have now a days. I cannot imagine trying to do that no.”

People from around the world send letters for teams to take. Each letter delivered during the marathon has a special stamp, showing it was carried by a musher.

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