Winter Market is Best Time to Buy and Sell Homes

DULUTH, Minn. – During these cold winter days heading out to look at homes isn’t the ideal way to spend time.

However, winter is actually just the time to purchase a new home.

According to real estate experts, this is the best time to make the purchase.

“They’re motivated, they’re looking for a smooth, fast and easy transaction,” said Amy Spampinato, Managing Broker for Remax Prodigy Real Estate.

She says the most successful interactions happen between seller and buyer now because if someone is selling their house in the winter it’s because they *need to move.

“We get better deals. We can get as much as twice as high on the average negotiation amount when they find that right property in the winter,” said Spampinato.

The same can be said for buyers.

“What’s interesting is that those buyers who are out there looking for homes in the winter, they’re looking because they have to buy,” Spampinato explained.

The winter chill shouldn’t deter buyers because it often gives those looking a more accurate portrayal of the house.

“You get a better feel of the house in a lot of ways. You get a better feel for the character,” said Spampinato.

There’s also a better chance of getting the house you want or selling your house quickly.

“You have fewer buyers looking; you have a higher chance that every time you leave your house, that’s going to be the buyer that buys it,” said Spampinato.

Duluthian Corrine Schraufnagel recently purchased her first house right in the middle of winter.

“I feel like I don’t know many people who buy a house on their own at, in their twenties,” said Schraugnagel.

For her, the process was pretty easy because of the lack of competition.

“It was kind of like, “well it’s been on the market for a while and if you want it, it’s yours,” but there really isn’t much competition,” said Schraufnagel.

As for having to move all your belongings with a frigid forecast? Schraufnagel says it’s easy to look past the cold, ” you get some friends together and a truck and pizza and beer and you’re set.”

Amy Spampinato can be reached by calling 218-348-7027.

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