After Years of Work, Duluth’s NorShor Theatre Reopens This Week

Coffee Conversation: Mamma Mia! Kicks of NorShor Entertainment

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s a big week for the city of Duluth as the highly-anticipated opening of The NorShor Theatre is taking place this week.

After several years of work to make this a reality, performers will once again be on the stage.

“It’s incredibly exciting, it’s stressful, it’s such a momentous moment. There’s so much leading up to this opening night, but it’s going to be so glamorous and beautiful and wonderful and downtown is going to come alive in a way I don’t think it has in a very long time,” said Duluth Playhouse Marketing Director Ashlee Hartwig.

In the 1940s The NorShor Theatre was written about in the New York Times as a venue comparable to Radio City Music Hall.

“Now to have the NorShor back, not only as a regional venue but potentially a national venue, for the Northeast region of Minnesota, it’s huge. It’s huge for this region and for the state,” said Hartwig.

The regional premiere of Mamma Mia! is kicking off entertainment at The NorShor Theatre.

Opening night is Thursday, February 1.

Most shows are sold out with just a few seats left for the run of Mamma Mia!.

To purchase tickets, head to

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