Local Air National Guard Helps Protect Super Bowl Site

Fox 21 Will Take to the Air Tomorrow With National Guard

DULUTH, Minn. – The local Air National Guard is planning on helping defend the site of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Those participating locally say the day will be a memorable one due to the idea that they will be protecting their home state through a massive coordination effort.

“Besides the Super Bowl, it’s a great mission,” said Lt. Col. Paul Thornton, of the 148th Fighter Wing. “We spend the majority of our time training to go overseas to protect American’s assets and interest overseas, but this air defense mission really brings it home.”

“It’s getting pretty exciting getting this close to the kick off with all the coordination and the collaboration that’s taking place among all the different key groups,” said Andy Gold, an air traffic special operations specialist.

Tomorrow, a Fox 21 crew will hit the skies as we get a chance to fly with some of the National Guard.

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