Cloquet Man Transforms Into Stormtrooper

It takes about 15 minutes to look the part.

CLOQUET, Minn. – If you ever need a Stormtrooper to show up, one Cloquet man is up for the task.

Well that’s one way to make an entrance.

Once a week Leon Areseneau sports his Stormtrooper costume and entertains at weddings and charity events.

He says birthday parties are the most popular requests and those feature a lightsaber battle.

Arseneau has been doing this for a year, because he’s always been a fan of Star Wars.

I entertain the kids for the entire time and sometimes I get the kids who will light saber battle me for 10–15 minutes. But then I get the kids who want to do it for an entire hour,” said Arseneau. “I ask to take pictures, because I’m just sweating. But after I’m done I get tons of praise from the parents. Kids love me and parents love what they got.”

It takes about 15 minutes to look the part.

“I love wearing the costume. I love the faces of the kids when they first see me,” said Arseneau. “Some of them are shy at first, but once I break out the light sabers and we start fighting with the light sabers they open up.”

For more information on how to contact Leon click here.

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