Car Goes Up In Flames At Gas Station

The Duluth Fire Department responded to the call.

DULUTH, Minn. – Some scary moments at a Duluth gas station when a car caught on fire.

An eyewitness captured this video of the car fire at the Holiday Station on South 27th Avenue West and Helm Street.

She noticed the car smoking when she pulled in to get some gas.

A manager then ran outside with a fire extinguisher to help put the fire out.

She didn’t think it was a big deal until they cut off fuel to the pumps.

“As I moved away, more and more smoke and the smell was just awful,” said Eyewitness Anna Vincent. “Then the car just flamed out. It was really, really an impressive fire.”

The vehicle owner wouldn’t speak on camera and was not injured. Authorities tell us the cause of the fire stems from a car battery that was not properly installed.

“I didn’t think it was the smartest thing for the driver to pull in with a car on fire, which is what I understand he did,” said Vincent. “It was a little nerve wrecking, but he was far enough away from the pumps where I thought we’d be ok. And we’re also very close to a fire department here.”

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