Best Buy Ending CD Sales in All Stores

Some Record Stores Selling More Vinyl Albums Than CDs

DULUTH, Minn. – Best Buy is saying goodbye to the sale of compact discs at its stores come July.

This comes as music CD sales are down 18.5% compared to last year.

While Best Buy is passing on CDs, you can still buy them at some local record stores like Electric Fetus in Duluth.

The staff there tell us they sell a lot more vinyl records these days than digital discs.

“People buy vinyl so they can be nostalgic and experience the vinyl and there’s not much to experience on a CD, if you can get it on a CD you can just get it online,” said Mady Thompson, a record clerk at the Electric Fetus.

“I think it might be a little bit of a trend for the younger generation but I think it’s very nostalgic for the older generations that actually grew up with LPs,” added Thompson.

These days, top selling CDs are classic rock and jazz.

Modern popular music is mostly distributed through digital downloads.


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