Great Outdoors: Cold Front February Kickoff

DULUTH, Minn. — Sometimes it’s the fun things we can do in the North that can allow us to brave the winter chill.

“To get through Duluth winters you have to find fun things to do outside,” said Amy Broadmoor, an eager attendee at this year’s Cold Front February.  “This is for sure a fun thing to do outside.”

Winter has been cold so far – so cold that the big event this February has one of the most appropriate names ever: Cold Front February kicked off this past weekend.

“Cold Front February – it’s going to go the whole month long – actually came out of the Imagine Canal Park project,” explains Emily Voigt, Planning Technician with the City of Duluth.  “It’s all about finding ways to make Canal Park accessible and attractive to residents.”

The event kicked off with a bang; folks at the event could try curling, sledding, even ice skating right on the shore of Lake Superior.

“We wanted to try out the skating path on the Lakewalk,” Broadmoor said.  “It’s beautiful; really fun.  And the curling – the opportunity to try out curling was really fun.”

Also this weekend, Day Tripper of Duluth had a fat-tire biking demo.

For free, people of all ages could try a fat bike for themselves.

“It’s totally different from mountain biking,” said Jake Boyce, from Day Tripper of Duluth.  “The trails are totally different in the winter than in the summer.  You can ride on frozen rivers, which is super cool.   It’s a good way to get out all year.”

Boyce says the feedback from bikers was very positive.

“A couple people have come back and said ‘Where do I buy one?’” he said. “That’s pretty good feedback, ya know? Everyone else has come back with a smile on their face, which is really what we’re looking for.”

The entire initiative comes from the City of Duluth – a plan to encourage residents to come down to canal park during all seasons, not just when it’s packed full of tourists.

“Canal Park is this beautiful, wonderful place in the middle of our city, that people can come to from all over the city,” Voigt said.  “They can take advantage of it, enjoy it just as much as tourists do in the summertime.”

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