Enbridge Protesters Look Toward Jury Trial

DULUTH, Minn. – Three people are facing trespassing charges for refusing to leave an Enbridge office in Duluth last year.

Last December, they delivered a complaint letter to Enbridge.

They read that same letter in front of supporters at a rally on the St. Louis County Courthouse steps.

The co–defendants are asking for a jury trial and will get that come March.

“We’re all threatened by this and somebody has got to take a stand and people are doing it in many different ways,” said Co-defendant Michele Naar-Obed. “We’re coming at this in many different ways and this is the way that we felt best called to come out and confront and stand with this and try to take it into the courts.”

The other two defendants are Donna Howard and Mark Hakes.

Collectively they are referred to as the Enbrigades 3.

“When we’re in unity and standing in unity we much stronger and so what it feels like is the strengthening of the truth of the opportunity for the truth to stand out and come forward.”

Enbridge released the following statement for this story:

“While Enbridge respect the rights of others to express their views on the energy we all use peacefully and lawfully, criminal acts of trespassing will not be tolerated. In addition, these ongoing criminal activities drain law enforcement resources and have the potential to take the focus of law enforcement away from others in the community who may need them.”


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