St. Louis County Land Sale Auction Brings In More Than $374K

These auctions happen three times a year in Feb., June and Oct.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – There are not many places around the Northland where you can buy property for as low as $200.

But it could happen at a tax forfeited land sale auction.

At these auctions people can bid on properties that are tax forfeitures for non-payment of taxes.

“We can transact a transaction in the same day as the auction. They can close quickly,” said St. Louis County Planning & Community Development Deputy Director Darren Jablonsky. “We have a contract for deed possibility where they can go on a payment process or payment plan.”

Several were bidding for the best deals in Hermantown.

Many of the bidders that show up want to build homes, have recreational interest or have plans to expand their business.

“A lot of times we’re turning these lands from a dilapidated condition to a healthy condition back on the tax rolls.” said Jablonsky. “So it’s critical for the County Board and the County as a whole that really help these communities stabilize, grow and thrive.”

Twenty-eight properties were sold for a total of $374,000.

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