Tips Offered for How to Handle Dry Skin During Winter Months

Key to Moisturizing is Doing it Right After You Get Out of the Shower

DULUTH, Minn.-Many Northlander’s already know that having dry skin is routine during the winter time.

What some may not know, is how to moisturize their skin properly. That’s where you may need help from the experts.

One local dermatology facility says those of different genders and ages, all have to deal with dry skin differently. One of the top tips they offered, was when to moisturize, which is right when you come out of the shower.

“What people need to do is use gentle cleansers, soaps that don’t have fragrances in them; they need to moisturize their skin everyday when they get out of the shower to lock in that hydration, and if they moisturize their skin within three minutes of getting out of the shower, it’s actually most effective,” said Heather Smith, a dermatology physician’s assistant at Twin Ports Dermatology.

Twin Ports Dermatology recently expanded at their current location at 1414 Woodland Ave. They have added clinic rooms and new equipment.

They will have an open house tomorrow from 2-6 p.m.

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