Enjoying the Partially Frozen Lake Superior

According to Minnesota DNR the ice needs to be four inches thick to be walked on.

DULUTH, Minn.-  There are 1.5 million issued fishing licenses in Minnesota, according to Explore Minnesota %10 of license holding anglers are ice fishers. Before grabbing your fishing rod and tackle box, you need to make sure it’s safe.

According to the Minnesota DNR ice needs to be at least four inches thick. Right now parts of Lake Superior have favorable conditions and outdoor enthusiasts found many ways to make the most of it. The shoreline of Lake Superior in Duluth is colored with ice fishing huts.

“Well we came down here to get some fish but we talked to some other guys and they said the bite turned off once we got down here,” ice fisherman Mark Akehurst said

Although the fish weren’t biting for some a sunny day with ice on Lake Superior, is quite the catch alone.

“This is our first time out here,” Akehurst said. “It’s different with open water behind us.”

Reel or no reel the ice was enjoyed by many this weekend.

One tourist says he changed his plans taking up the opportunity to spend the day on Lake Superior.

“Figured you know I got some steady wind, figured I’d get the kite up and try to get some nice images,” Colon said.

Dusty Colon uses kites and attaches a go pro to capture his photography. The images captured on Sunday are unlike any he says he’s taken before.

“This is my first time out here, so I never even knew people came out here,” Colon said. “I just saw some other ice houses out here so I just came out here.”

Typically in Minnesota the frozen lake will be enjoyed through February.

According to the U.S National Ice Center the maximum ice coverage on the great lakes was back in 2014, but winter 2018 has just begun.

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