“Iceman” Roger Hanson Preparing for Next Ice Project

He Hasn't Made a Sculpture Since the 2016 Superior Project, But the Iceman Is Ready

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s been almost two years since the last Superior ice sculpture came crashing to the ground on Barker’s Island.

“Iceman” Roger Hanson is the man who made the creations. He recently spoke with Fox 21 on Skype.

Iceman Roger Hanson is the only man in the world capable, and perhaps willing, to create massive free-standing ice structures by strategically spraying water from mounted hoses.

Hanson hasn’t had a project in two years but he’s getting ready for the right opportunity.

“I miss the cold, I miss the projects, I miss the adventure,” said Hanson.

For now, the Iceman is as far away from the frozen St. Louis Bay as he can get in the eighty degree sunshine of Cape Coral, Florida.

“You can’t imagine the amount of flak I get for living here and trying to tell people I’m the Iceman,” said Hanson.

He keeps up to date with Northland weather, yearning for a chance to again work his magic in our frigid conditions.

“I could have built an enormous project this year,” said Hanson. “It wouldn’t have been hard to a hundred feet. It would have been so easy.”

Hanson’s two Superior Ice Projects, in 2015 and 2016, were supposed to be world record breaking masterpieces attracting much needed winter tourism.

But both sculptures came crashing down before getting more than fifty-five feet tall.

Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and the Iceman didn’t get his record.

Hanson’s two ice sculptures cost the City of Superior $75,000 over the two years. That money was taken from a special hotel and motel tourism tax.

With rising costs expected for year three of the project, city officials cut ties with the Iceman.

“That was truly adventure up there that I had and I’ll remember that for the rest of my life,” said Hanson.

Hanson no longer thinks of his Superior projects as failures.

“It was a positive experience,” said Hanson. “Each one of these projects have been one hundred percent successful.”

He sees them as learning experiences driving him as he develops software and hardware to take his next venture to new heights, wherever that may be.

“Maybe into Canada, Quebec Canada, even maybe Thunder Bay would be a possibility, Duluth, I’m not done yet,” said Hanson.

He says he’s recently had offers in Minneapolis, Norway, and London but he’s waiting for the right chance, and price, to show off his talent again.

“If someone’s interested in doing something that’s never been done before, reaching heights that’s never been attained before, willing to give all their efforts without really any financial gain, this is for you,” said Hanson.

The Iceman says with his new equipment and with a cold winter expected next year, he could be in position to make his greatest project ever.

You can visit the Iceman’s website¬†here.

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