Wolf Snared By Wire Trap Shot, Killed

Courtesy: Kelly Looby

DULUTH, Minn. – Animal activists are asking for your help after a police officer was forced to shoot a wolf in Duluth after it got entangled in wire from a trap set up by a human.

Officials at the Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center say the wire was tightly wrapped around the wolf’s muzzle, causing it to starve.

The wolf was seen this weekend in neighborhoods throughout Duluth.

Courtesy: Kelly Looby

After multiple failed attempts to capture the animal to help it, and with growing concerns for the safety of people, a Duluth police officer — under the direction of the DNR — was forced to shoot and kill the animal near Marshall School.

Wildwoods is calling on people to speak out against snaring and other forms of trapping, and they’re also looking for donations to purchase a net gun that they say could have helped safely capture the wolf from a distance.

Courtesy: Kelly Looby

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