Traveling Exhibits Offer Glance at Formation of St. Louis County

Northland Uncovered: St. Louis County Historical Society Traveling Exhibits

DULUTH, Minn. – The St. Louis County Historical Society is filled with stories of all the different cultures that have passed through and immigrated to the area.

Now, historical society officials are hoping to share those stories with the Northland.

The historical society has 16 traveling exhibits available for rent.

Any organization can borrow them from schools and churches to other historical societies or even universities.

Historical society officials tell us the purpose of the exhibits is to educate the county’s citizens about the area they live in.

“We want people to see this. We believe that heritage is history and it’s important for people to see their history live if you will on panels and exhibits. That’s why we do it,” explained Kathleen Cargill, Assistant to the St. Louis County Historical Society Director.

These exhibits show the challenges and triumphs former St. Louis County residents faced to bring the county to where it is today.

“We have art, we have history, we have groups interacting with one another over a span of time. It’s important to look at all the aspects in order to understand a group of people you have to look at everything about them,” said Cargill.

An organization can borrow the exhibit for as long as they like for just $65.

If you’re interested in borrowing an exhibit call 218-733-7586 or email


  • Fine Art and Photographs:
    • Albin Zaverl Art: Old Country Memories
    • William F. Roleff Forest History Photography
  • American Indian Themes:
    • Ojibwe Faces and Stories
  • Immigrant Themes:
    • Children of the Finnish Homesteads: Growing up in Northern Minnesota, 1900-1945
    • Finns of Western Lake Superior
    • Preserving the Old Country: The Experiences of Croatians, Serbians, and Slovenians in St. Louis County
    • To America with Love: Journey of a Young Woman from Southern Italy to Northeast Minnesota
  • Military Themes:
    • 500 Days: 125th Field Artillery Photographs
    • Never Forgotten: Man Behind the Medal. The Life of Medal of Honor Recipient Henry A. Courtney, Jr.
    • The 18 – Civil War Exhibit
    • Alberty Woolson – The Last Civil War Soldier
    • Desert Medics
    • Salute to Servicewomen: Women in the United States Military
  • Local and County History Themes:
    • Marshall Wells Hardware
    • Return to the River


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