Experiencing the Outdoors, Inside at the Boat Show

The boat show offers many of unique displays.

DULUTH, Minn.- With the warm weather outside and the new boats inside, the Boat Show is a great place to create your summer wish list.

From fishing boats, speed boats, to kayaks the show offers a wide selection if you’re looking for a new summer ride. Sadly you can’t test drive the boats this week but show includes many interactive games for kids and adults. Including an archery shooting range. The practice space is unique, using light bows and foam arrows making it safe for everyone.

“A good starter program, a good way for kids to maybe try something they don’t get to try,” Pheasants Forever President Matt Bremer said. “Encourage them to go out and move up and step up into it.”

This outdoor sport, is one of many brought inside this week. Bleachers fill up and crowds cheer encouraging duck racing. The handler said the ducks prepare for two years to race. The ducks are in it to win it but white tailed deer are just here to be loved.

“They love to be pet; they love to eat out of people’s hands, they love the interaction with the people so they’re really going really well,” deer handler Kevin Vogel said.

All ages can walk up and meet the eight white tailed deer. The youngest at the show is five months old. The caretaker said seeing an all white- deer that’s not albino is rare. Meanwhile you can browse from a variety of vendors. Wednesday night is just the start you have all week long to cruise on down to the show.

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