Money Raised for Large Animal Net Gun After Duluth Snare Incident

Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center in Duluth has Received a Generous Donation to Purchase a Large Animal Net Gun

DULUTH, Minn. – Just days after a wolf had to be shot and killed in Duluth due to a snare being wrapped around its mouth, animal activists are questioning how this could have ended differently.

“It’s not unusual and how many of them we don’t see that die in the woods,” said Farzad Farr, Director of Wildwoods.

For many it’s a hobby, for others it’s uncalled for.

“The snare prevented the wolf from being able to eat and drink,” said Farr. “The body was very emaciated.”

The topic of discussion is trapping.

“It doesn’t discriminate on what type of animal the person who set it was trying to catch,” said Farr.

The struggling wolf was reported to local law enforcement. Later on, the wolf was spotted once again near Marshal School in Duluth.

“We didn’t have a better way of catching the animal. Neither us or the DNR,” said Farr.

After talks with the DNR, a local officer was advised to shoot the animal.

“Hopefully in the future we can approach this situation a little bit more humanely,” said Farr.

He says it’s difficult to know what the animal could have done if caught by humans.

Officials say the proper tools are needed in this type of wild rescue operation.

“What we want to do is create awareness for people to know the result of snare trapping or trapping in general,” said Farr.

Every year staff at Wildwoods see more than a dozen animals brought in, found with injuries from a piece of human hunting or trapping equipment.

“Right now we are in the process of buying a net gun, basically shoots a net over the animal,” said Farr.

The team at Wildwoods is now looking to learn from the tricky situation. They hope to be better equipped when this happens again.

“I know it’s controversial and I know people have different feelings about it but it’s nice to put it out there and let people decide what’s right and what’s wrong,” said Farr.

Wildwoods has secured the nearly one thousand dollars in funding to purchase a large animal net gun.

This can be used to shoot a net over an animal and capture it alive.

Farr says one generous donor has already come forth since the incident in Duluth to help make this purchase possible.

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