Organizations Concerned for Future of Great Lakes Funding

The White House's proposed budget plan would cut $30 million to $300 million dollars in GLRI funding.

DULUTH, Minn.- Local organizations are concerned on how the Great Lakes will be kept clean and for the future of job for the workers involved in the various projects for many years.

The White House’s proposed budget plan cuts funding From the Great Lakes Restoration Innitiative. The GLRI It helps fund universities, state, and federal agencies. The GLRI launched in 2010 with aims to keep the Great Lakes a clean source of water. The initiative also helps fund the National Sea Grant College Programs, which would also be eliminated in the budget is approved. There are 33 Sea Grant Programs are across the U.S. with one in every Great Lake state.

“The elimination of sea grant programs and coastal management is eliminating programs that have been in these communities and doing this work,” Sea Grant Extension Educator Jesse Schomberg said.

Programs such as cleaning up toxic contaminants, fixing water quality, and dealing with invasive species would lose funding.

Officials are concerned for the many workers employed through these programs.

“These are folks that are living and working on the ground, on these issues in the great lakes,” Schomberg said. “They have been for, in the Sea Grant’s case, over 50 years now. Working on these issues and having great success.” – 9

President Trump’s proposed budget plan would cut nearly three hundred million to thirty million dollars of funding from the GLRI. Overall the Environmental Protection Agency would take a three billion dollar reduction..

Officials say the community would visibly notice changes. Programs that help with beach safety, green infrastructure in cities and controlling flood run off would be in jeopardy.





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