Essentia Health Needs Hospice Volunteers

Essentia Health will have hospice training in March.

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s National Caregivers Day and for some being a caregiver is a calling.

If you are one of those people Essentia Health in Duluth is asking for your help.

The medical center needs more hospice volunteers.

Essentia Health is looking for compassionate people willing to dedicate some of their time helping someone else with different needs like patient care or food preparation.

“I think our volunteers really recognize what a privilege that is and what an honor and what a gift it is that these people share stories or their presence with them and we hear it over and over again that it is truly a gift to be a hospice volunteer,” saidĀ Hospice Volunteer Supervisor Katie Neff Dawson.

Many discover they get more out of volunteering than they give.

“I think it’s rewarding, especially in our culture or world today,” said Neff Dawson. “People really want to do something, find someway that they can give service. I think caregiving is an excellent way to be there for another human being.”

Essentia Health will have hospice training in March.

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