Putting a Stop to Domestic Violence

Find out how you can help prevent domestic violence in your community.

DULUTH, Minn.- A group in Duluth is looking to put an end to domestic violence.

The organization Men as Peacemakers are hosting training sessions to help volunteers for what they call  “Domestic Violence Restorative Circles”  which work with both survivors, as well as offenders, to help heal, and stop violence.

“We can’t just put a band aid over something like this,” Amy Brooks said. “We have to really get the root of the issue. So you’re going to be spending time and building relationships, and building community with people, and getting to the root of why this violence is occurring, and then learning how to move forward in a different way.”

Men as Peacemakers are looking for volunteers to come to the training programs. If you’re interested in learning more visit Men as Peacemakers.