Duluth’s Millard LaJoy Talks Life At 105 Years Old

"Have A Sense Of Humor"

DULUTH, Minn. – How long do you think you’ll live? According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past 90. And one out of 10 will pass the age of 95.

But for Duluth’s Millard LaJoy, he’s beating all the odds at 105 years old and is still full of spunk and advice, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

Millard still has a love for music these days and was playing his mandolin on his 105th birthday Feb. 7.

“I played over at the Androy Hotel in Superior. I was about 16 years old. Speak easy days, ya know. A bottle under the table,” Millard said with a smile.

Life hasn’t been all easy though. Millard has had prostate cancer for the past 17 years and got a successful aortic valve replaced two years ago.

But it’s nothing he’s worried about.

“Everything is smooth in my head. There’s not much left there. But everything — I’m satisfied. I’m happy. Maybe that’s why I’m still living,” Millard said.

He’s been living at the Benedictine assisted living facility in Duluth for the past two years and was even driving to the mall every week while living at home up until around 2015,” Millard said.

Millard may not be behind the wheel anymore, but he’s as mobile as ever — still getting his daily walks in.

And he jokingly said he doesn’t wish it upon anyone to live to 105.

“Yeah, you lose all of your friends. They’re all dead,” Millard explained.

But Millard does have some solid advice he has told us over the years that he still sticks by today.

“I’ll tell you what the secret is. Have a sense of humor. Don’t give a damn about anything. And don’t worry about anything,” Millard said.

And clearly that sense of humor remains.

“Hey, I took a shower today. The girl gave it to me. Sarah,” he said with a smile.

Meanwhile, it’s one day at a time for Millard, whose son, Hartley, is 75 years old, and whose wife and daughter are no longer alive.

“I dream that I’m in heaven. Not the other place,” Millard laughed.

Millard is a graduate of Duluth’s Central High School and spent 25 years at the University of Minnesota as a professor of mechanical engineering.

But before that, he was a rocket scientist for the U.S Navy.

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