Knowing Your Neighbors: Love Creamery

A small culinary enterprise expands to the Lincoln Park craft business district.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Nicole Wilde is wild about ice cream.  And her business, Love Creamery is a name well-suited for what she does: crafting flavorful concoctions for Northlanders with a sweet tooth.

“We like to create new and kind of – not crazy – but interesting flavors that people might not have tried with ingredients that are local from the area,” Wilde explains.

For three years, Nicole has been operating out of the Superior Business Center Community Kitchen.

It’s an incubator sponsored by the City of Superior – several culinary businesses use the kitchens here on a daily basis.

It allows small businesses to flourish without having to incur the cost of a huge commercial kitchen.

“We have gotten to the point where we’re taking up a little too much freezer space as a ‘community member’ and to grow we really need to move into our own place,” Wilde said.

And that move will happen, as Love Creamery prepares for its expansion to a production facility in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Still, Nicole says she’ll never forget where she started and what working out of the community kitchen has meant.

“It gave me time to learn the business, to understand inventory, manufacturing, and distribution,” she said.  “So I am absolutely grateful.”

All the funky flavors – and the ingredients inside are made from scratch.

Nicole says that with the coming expansion, she’s added a culinary chef to her team.

And that will allow her to create even more interesting flavors of ice cream.

“This last batch I made was a curry ice cream with curry, coconut, cashews, and caramel, and fudge,” she recalls with a smile.

And you might also notice her ice cream doesn’t come in the standard packaging.

These glass jars are not meant to be thrown away!

“Everything is either returnable and we reuse it or it is compostable,” Wilde explains.

She knows bringing back ice cream containers seems weird, but it’s the same as what people do with growlers at our local breweries.

Nicole says her goal is to open the Lincoln Park location in early summer.

For now, her products are available at a number of stores and restaurants around the area.

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