Lawmakers Gear Up For the Upcoming Minnesota Legislative Session

The legislative session lasts for three months.

DULUTH, Minn. – Feb. 20. is the first day of the Minnesota’s 2018 Legislative Session in St. Paul and area lawmakers are ready to address everything from housing, healthcare to gun control.

A lot is at stake for Minnesota’s 90th Legislative Session.

Gov. Mark Dayton’s $1.5 billion proposal is among topics to be discussed.

Proposed bonding projects in the Northland include University of Minnesota Duluth building upgrades, Glensheen Mansion renovations and replacing the water line at Giants Ridge.

Minnesota also has to decide if it’ll conform or ease the tax burden from the federal tax bill.

District 7-A DFL Rep. Jennifer Schultz is currently working on the MinnesotaCare Buy-in program, where people buy into MinnesotaCare, an affordable health insurance option.

But she says there’s still work to be done.

“The DFL party has supported bills to address gun violence. We have never gotten committee meeting hearings from the republicans in control,” said Schultz. “So I’m eager to hopefully advocate additional bills to address gun violence, especially after what happened in Florida.”

Also on the list for Schultz is addressing the opioid crisis that’s prominent in St. Louis County.

And taking redistricting out of the hands of elected officials and leaving it up to a non partisan third party of a group of judges.

Lawmakers encourage you to make a trip to the capitol in late march for Duluth/St. Louis County days to advocate and show your support if you can.

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