Historic Homes In Duluth May Be Like New Again With New Housing Program

The Council will wait and see how this program turns out before moving forward.

DULUTH, Minn. – Renovating old homes in Duluth is getting easier thanks to a new pilot program.

The Duluth City Council has approved launching the program by waiving building permit fees for qualifying properties.

Most of the eligible properties for the program are in Duluth’s Hillside, Endion and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.

If homeowners meet certain criteria they can earn 50 percent off building permits.

Some of the single or duplex homes may qualify and must be more than 50 years old.

This program can give residents opportunities to fix up their homes.

“We’re going to be going after matching dollars from the Minnesota Historical Society to increase the number of folks that we can help serve with this program,” said Duluth City Councilor Zack Filipovich. “The city funding should allow for if everyone uses the maximum amount between 10 and 15 projects.”

Councilor Filipovich says this is the first residential incentive available in Duluth for enhancing historic residential properties.

“Individuals and residential property owners will grow to see the value of historical renovations, rehabilitation in their own property and take initiative to fix up and enhance those properties on an individual level,” said Filipovich.

The number of projects completed in the first year will be based on whether the city receives a separate grant from the Minnesota Historical Society to provide more funding.


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