Some Local Businesses Welcome the Snow

Snow Removal Companies and Food Delivery Drivers Count on Winter Precipitation

SUPERIOR, Wis. – A lot of snow fell on the No

rthland over the past few days, and people are still digging an plowing their way out.

A lot of snow removal companies love seeing snow, but they’d prefer if it didn’t fall all at once.

Core Landscaping and AA Roll-off in Superior has had workers out all day and night plowing parking lots and shoveling sidewalks and driveways, but they say the snow is what keeps their business going over the winter.

“It’s white gold that comes down from the sky,” said Jim DeMeyer, owner of Core Landscaping and AA Roll-Off. “It’s what makes it where we’re here or we’re not going to be here next year so we always appreciate the snow. It’s kind of a love hate relationship.”

“Lawn care’s a lot more fun,” added DeMeyer. “Everybody enjoys that a little more but this is what keeps the guys busy in the winter time. This is what keeps the bills paid in the wintertime so that we’re here in the summer time to go back to the lawn care and landscaping.”

The more snow that falls, the more people don’t want to leave their homes.

China Inn in Superior has been “crazy” busy with delivery orders.

Their drivers tell us delivering in winter storms is always an experience.

“Oh goodness, you end up going ten or fifteen miles slower than you plan and then I have such a tiny car that it’s harder for me to get onto side streets, but you make it, you learn to work through whatever streets are plowed or aren’t plowed,” said Sabrina McKay-Jones, an employee at China Inn.

“We get a lot of who either feel very remorseful for us for doing delivery, that’s the job we chose is delivery or we get people who say I don’t want to start my car or my car’s not going to start, I can’t get it started, a lot of people want that,” added McKay-Jones.

Drivers remind people to always shovel sidewalks and porches if they’re expecting a delivery.

The Twin Ports region still hasn’t been dug out following all this snow, but the clean-up continues.

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