Marshall Students Volunteer After Snow Leaves Many Stuck at Home

Reese Orn and Maddie Maas are Marshall students lending a helping hand after snow storm

DULUTH, Minn. – Reese Orn and Maddie Maas are 8th-grade students at Duluth’s Marshall School, and they have a passion for helping others.

“It makes me feel good that we’re helping people out and giving them more chances to get out of their houses,” Orn said.

The girls are working on a school project – one that puts them right in the heart of the community, serving as volunteers.  However, these young women are not just doing it for the grades.

“We’re trying to get people to volunteer because they want to volunteer,” Mass said. “Not because they’re forced for school. ”

Orn and Maas are serving an organization called Age Well Arrowhead, a non–profit that helps the Northland’s aging population remain independent. They are shoveling snow for Duluth Resident who was snowed in after the recent storm.

“Our whole goal is to keep people living in their homes, independently, providing services that they might now be able to do themselves any longer,” program director at Age Well Arrowhead Kim Hileman said. “Snow shoveling is one of them.”

“I was absolutely taken aback by the can-do, will-do attitude that these young ladies have,” Hileman said of Orn and Maas.

The girls have a noble goal in mind.

“I think our main goal at the end of our project is to inspire other people to volunteer more, not for their own reasons, but just for the helping of others,” Orn said.

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