Police Officers Bond With Community Over Hockey

The Superior Police Department invited the community to team up and play some floor hockey.

DULUTH, Minn.- Officers with the Superior Police Department bonded with community members over some friendly competition.

The Superior Police Officers invited people to gear up for some floor hockey.  Police officers took a night off from patrolling the streets and patrolled the hockey puck.  Kids and officers lined up next to the full court, waiting for a chance to hop back in.  Kids of all ages and even some parents, picked up hockey sticks teaming up against and along side the Superior Police Department.

Officers said the floor hockey game helps take the edge off and creates an perfect bonding opportunity.

“It’s just an awesome way to get out and meet a bunch of kids and show them that police are people too,” Officer Joel Markon said.  “They even get to ram into us.”

The court at the Superior YMCA was filled with a ton of energy, smiles and even some cross checking.

Some players said the night was extra special, it gave them an opportunity to try hockey for the first time.

“It gives you a chance to corporate and this game is all about teamwork,” Maryl Olson Almond said. “So you’re technically on a team with somebody and its just really fun.”

The teams varied every couple games but when the officers stepped up to the net they claim the competition tried a little harder.

The friendly match up started a year ago when officers were challenged to play basketball. With the ball in their court the second time around, they decided to pick up hockey sticks instead.

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