Stuffed Animals Sleep Over at Duluth Public Library

A Slideshow of the Toys' Adventures Was Shown to Their Owners

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Public Library had a sleepover on Tuesday night for stuffed animals.

Kids brought in their favorite toys and the stuffed animals spent the whole night in the library reading stories, riding the book drop slide, and playing games.

Kids picked up their stuffed animals today and watched a slide show of all the fun they had at the library overnight.

“We can’t exactly have kids spend the night in the library so it’s fun for them to have their stuffed animals spend a night in the library,” said Kristy Nerhaugen. “It’s also fun because they can see all the fun things they can do at the library.”

Library officials hope the sleepover encourages kids to try the same activities.

“If they now know that we have board games so they come in and play Monopoly because they know that it’s there because they saw their stuffed animals doing it,” said Nerhaugen.

The Duluth Public Library has story time and other regular kids’ events at their three branches.

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